June 12, 2013
Precious moments with little Angels..
Doing little things for unprivileged, brought hope, happiness and sense of entitlement on their faces and surely inner peace and satisfaction in our hearts while looking at their glowing faces. We are pleased to share with you that recently our Team conducted a visit to INFAQ School. Visit was planned to bring flash of happiness on faces of small kids studying there. We had multiple activities there which include small competitions...
August 22, 2011
Event>> Ramazan Rashan Distribution
We are pleased to share with you one of the very key Ramazan event that took place at Jeewan INFAQ School on 22nd Aug 2011. Ramazan Rashan Distribution for the families of students studying in the school. 180 students studying in five classes belongs to 125 families of the community living around. Each of the these 125 families were given Rashan packs worth of Rs. 215,175/-.
October 01, 2010
Event>> Eid Gifts Distribution Activity
Eid has always been an occasion to celebrate and continuing our practice even this year we were able to engage the children of Jeewan INFAQ School on Eid. Having in mind the children’s areas of interest, INFAQ team took a different approach and instead of clothes, distributed Eid gifts among the children that we may call “Eidee”.
August 16, 2010
Event>> The Happiness of Independence and Blessings of Ramadan Celebrations
Independence is one of those blessings that no matter how much we value and cherish seems to be less. After 63 years of independence, one again the Independence Day came in the holy month of Ramadan! The happiness of Independence and blessings of Ramadan were felt by every little child and every single parent who are affiliated with Jeewan INFAQ School.
July 26, 2010
News>> We are growing!
Two Rooms and a small play area; this is what we started off Jeewan INFAQ School 2 years back. We are delighted to share that now we've grown!! School has undergone construction and now two additional rooms much wider and spacious have been constructed in the school.
Our mission is to ‘Contribute’! Yes, it's that simple. With a desire to make a greater distinction in the world, we focus on children education helping them to transform their living into a life rich with success and triumph. Our obsession remains to create an enabling environment for human potential to flourish.
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