Our Mission

Our mission is to ‘Contribute’! Yes, it's that simple. With a desire to make a greater distinction in the world, we focus on children education helping them to transform their living into a life rich with success and triumph. Our obsession remains to create an enabling environment for human potential to flourish.
Brief Overview

We as a team initiated with an idea to support & help people who are in need of aid. This could be for any reason. It started of with a flood Relief campaign in Dadu in 2007 August. We placed a Medical Relief Camp there, to facilitate medical constraint to the people who were suffering from various diseases due to flood. The second and third campaigns were also relief campaigns providing food and medications in various locations of Sindh in September & October, 2007.

Results to Date

Since our inception in 2007, INFAQ has impacted the lives of over hundreds of children's and families by:

Establishing 3 Medical Camps
Deploying 2 Water Pumps
Distributing clothes among 400 families
Constructing school in Gadap Town

Future Outlook

There is 71% illiteracy in Pakistan out of which 14% are adults. In addition, there are over 73 Million children’s of age group 05-14 years who have never attended primary schools and millions others are not currently in secondary school.

INFAQ takes a step forward for the education and development of those who are uneducated and we are committed to this. In addition to maintaining our commitment and expanding our reach to different areas of Sindh and Pakistan we plan to:

Open up two more schools in 2011
Develop New Collaboration partners
Strengthen Relationship with Hands