June 12, 2013
Precious moments with little Angels..
Doing little things for unprivileged, brought hope, happiness and sense of entitlement on their faces and surely inner peace and satisfaction in our hearts while looking at their glowing faces.

We are pleased to share with you that recently our Team conducted a visit to INFAQ School. Visit was planned to bring flash of happiness on faces of small kids studying there.

We had multiple activities there which include small competitions, plays and fun with students. After that winners were rewarded with gifts and yummies including chocolates, biscuits and juices were distributed in kids. Along with students, Teachers and rest of staff were also served with cakes and juices.

Although visit covers few hours and it was quiet hot weather too, instead of that we became successful in our mission. (Twinkles of happiness of kids can be well seen in Pictures).

With that Passion and devotion of giving other, we are going to arrange another visit to "INFAQ School" with a lot more hustle, adventure and cheer very soon Insha'Allah.

"The likeness of those who spend their wealth in the Way of Allah, is as the likeness of a grain (of corn); it grows seven ears, and each ear has a hundred grains. Allah gives manifold increase to whom He pleases. And Allah is All-Sufficient for His creatures' needs, All-Knower." (2:261).

July 20, 2012
Event>> Ramadan Rashan Distribution At Jeewan Infaq School
“And spend in the Cause of Allah (i.e. Jihad of all kinds, etc.) and do not throw yourselves into destruction (by not spending your wealth in the Cause of Allah), and do good. Truly, Allah loves Al-Muhsinun (the good-doers)” 2:195

The Holy month of Ramadan brings along excitement of blessings, spiritual peace and social harmony. Once again team INFAQ made its valuable contribution to the community. Team INFAQ conducted Rashan Distribution activity at Jeewan Infaq School on 20th July (1st Ramadan). The activity was conducted for Rashan Distribution to the families of students studying in the school.

The day was long, the weather was hot, exertion was hard, fasting was intact and while things took longer than expected, the team managed to pull off the entire activity in an hour.
Currently there are 182+ students studying who belongs to 121 families. Ramadan Rashan Hampers were arranged and distributed among those 121 families worth Rs. Rs. 214,122. The hamper included several basic food necessities like Flour, Sugar, Oil, Rice etc. Besides students, teachers and other staff were also given Rashan hampers as they are also an important part of the INFAQ family.
The purpose behind was to just make a little difference in their lives, to bring a smile on their faces and helping those families on basic food stuff during the month of Ramadan. Sincere thanks to Allah who has helped us all to impart this little value to those who deserve. We at INFAQ believe in giving back to the society as responsible citizens.

May 19, 2012
Event>> Annual Olympics at Jeewan Infaq School
Recently Team INFAQ from BSD conducted Annual Olympics at Jeewan Infaq School. The Jeewan INFAQ School was the first school established by INFAQ for Life Foundation at Jeewan Khas Kheli Goath, Gadap Town in August 2008. INFAQ for Life Foundation came into being, with the mission to fulfill the need of education to the under privileged children. We at INFAQ act on the Unilever values of Responsibility & Integrity, giving back to the society as responsible citizens and employees of Unilever.

The activity was conducted to mark the end of school session before summer vacations with fun & frolic for the students. The activity began with Musical chairs for grade 1 and aiming cans with grade 2 simultaneously, which was carried on till grades 4-5. On special request of the girls of grade 4 and 5, skipping competition was also conducted. Excited girls of grade 4 requested us to play cricket, an all girls cricket with no boys in the team. Some good cricket was witnessed with quite a lot of fours and sixers. The day concluded with a quiz competition which had an overwhelming response from the students. The excitement of the students being rewarded on their achievements was a wonderful sight.

At INFAQ we believe in making a difference in the world, we focus on children education helping them to transform their living into a life rich with success and triumph. We believe in living the Unilever value “Small actions make big difference”.

August 22, 2011
Event>> Ramazan Rashan Distribution
We are pleased to share with you one of the very key Ramazan event that took place at Jeewan INFAQ School on 22nd Aug 2011. Ramazan Rashan Distribution for the families of students studying in the school.

180 students studying in five classes belongs to 125 families of the community living around. Each of the these 125 families were given Rashan packs worth of Rs. 215,175/-

Sincere thanks to Allah that has helped us all to impart this little value to those who deserve. This event have always been possible and dependents on your kind support and contribution.

With the mission “To Contribute” and with the passion to educate, we look forward to next year with more progressed school, more educated children and much more Contribution made!

September 09, 2010
Event>> Eid Gifts Distribution Activity
Eid has always been an occasion to celebrate and continuing our practice even this year we were able to engage the children of Jeewan INFAQ School on Eid. Having in mind the children’s areas of interest, INFAQ team took a different approach and instead of clothes, distributed Eid gifts among the children that we may call “Eidee”.

Several items including Cricket Bats & Balls, Skipping ropes, Sippers, Footballs, Rackets, Pencil cases, Thermos, lunch boxes, Freebees and couple of other gifts were given to the children according to their class and ages. Children’s response to that distribution was over whelming – they were really surprised and pleased to have those gifts and the joy could easily be witnessed on their face.

Besides students , teacher are also an important part of INFAQ family , making them a part of this activity they were gifted with Wall Clocks, Bags & Thermoses , a complete set of these 3 items to all three teachers was given . Plus the maid was given several house hold items including, bowls, spoons, tea strainers and etc.

The activity was done after school timing and was just for an hour but the encouragement & motivation gained by the children and teachers was worth doing it. The idea of switching from clothes to gift items really worked well.

All gift items were donated from our partner “Unilever Pakistan Limited” and were as it is passed on to students through INFAQ forum.

We really appreciate such contributions and donation by our partners and ambassadors and have a firm belief that next year we can have such activities on much bigger scale.

August 16, 2010
Event>> The Happiness of Independence and Blessings of Ramadan Celebrations on 14th August
Independence is one of those blessings that no matter how much we value and cherish seems to be less. After 63 years of independence, one again the Independence Day came in the holy month of Ramadan! The happiness of Independence and blessings of Ramadan were felt by every little child and every single parent who are affiliated with Jeewan INFAQ School.

Like last year, even this year Independence Day celebrations took place at Jeewan INFAQ School where children participated with much more Interest, Preparation, Enthusiasm and Passion as was witnessed last year. Several tablos , national songs and debates were presented – it was truly an amazing experience watching those children realising the value of independence and relating themselves to the nation who were not even able to spell the word Pakistan 2 year back. This was the proud moment for all the members and volunteers who joined us on 14TH August. Followed by those celebrations, Ramadan Rashan distribution activity took place – as our school has grown the activity was on a bigger scale then last year – this year 85 families sending 110 students to the school were given Rashan packs.

The hamper included several basic food necessities like Flour, Sugar, Oil and etc. This was again to facilitate those families who have their firm believe in INFAQ and send their children to study. This activity has been a catalyst to keep them intact with INFAQ as they find it the token of appreciation and encouragement from the members. With the mission “To Contribute” and with the passion to educate, we look forward to next year with more progressed school, more educated children and much more Contribution made!

July 26, 2010
News>> We are growing! – Construction and development @ Jeewan INFAQ school
Two Rooms and a small play area; this is what we started off Jeewan INFAQ School 2 years back. We are delighted to share that now we've grown!! School has undergone construction and now two additional rooms much wider and spacious have been constructed in the school. With the construction of the rooms now we have 4 separate classes for 5 different sessions from Kachhi (ECC) to Class 4.

Further more the play area is now furnished with slides & swings for the children, which they really love to have in their school. As part of further development the water issue has also been addressed and a hand pump has been established outside but very much within the reach of Children.

With all these new developments, we expect the number of students growing day by day. Hence embedding the importance of education in the minds of people at Jeewan Khaskheli Village.

October 30, 2009
Event>> Annual Health Check Up
This event included Check-up included the process of capturing medical history of the students, their health check-up, provision of supplying medicines to the unwell, creation of individual health card and imparting awareness on oral hygiene . Medicines provided included various ointments and multi-vitamin as required.

Once the health check-Up was done "Friends of NICH" conducted a quiz based activity among the students regarding health, and rewarded them with gifts like stuff toys followed by Energile distribution activity

Along with “Friends of NICH” INFAQ plans to have a re-run of similar check-up after 3 months and then after every 6 months. While, as usual, it was an excellent occasion to engage with those children, it was as well a great opportunity to make a difference in their lives on part of health and hygiene.

October 06, 2009
News>> Annual Health Check Up @ Jeewan Infaq School
The importance of child health to school readiness and early elementary success is widely accepted. Realizing the same fact we will be having the first annual health checkup at Jeewan Infaq School this year in Oct 09. This event will be conducted as a part of our Health and wellness activity within the school premises.

The physical health of all students of our school will be checked by a team of doctors who are doing this voluntarily. The student’s height and weight will be checked and the team of doctors will be checking their eyesight, build, ear, nose, mouth, teeth etc. hence a general check up of all the students will be conducted and will be treated accordingly.

The INFAQ team plans to continue this Annual health check-up as part of school routine activities.

October 05, 2009
News>> Sports Day @ Jeewan Infaq School
A school sports day provides an entertaining event that allows students to participate and enjoy success. An encouraging atmosphere at the school sports day ensures that all kids feel comfortable participating in the activities.

This year INFAQ will have its First Annual Sports day,where kids will be participating to play out their skills at fullest. Such a vibrant and active team event will boost morale and will be a memorable event for children as their active involvement will make it a success.

September 15, 2009
Event>> "It is always through giving, that we receive” this is what we believe in and practise
Once again INFAQ made its valuable contribution to the community. Two of the INFAQ team members visited a school located in the Khakapeer village near Sandspit, area of the fishermen tribes. The school comprises of approx 200 students and is the only school in this village where children comes form near by localities.

Along with some volunteers from Unilever this half ay activity was conducted in the month of Ramadan. It was all about generating awareness and importance of Basic health/Safety and Hygiene / mannerism among the children. Each of the above topic was supported with some visual aid i.e. charts with some pictures, stories telling and demonstrations.

Later own gift related to hygiene and stationary like Blue Band school bags, Close-Up, Lifebuoy, Sun silk sachets and Knorr Noodles were distributed among the children.

The purpose to participate in the activity is to add little valuable knowledge to those children who though live in less privileged condition yet desire to learn and explore.

September 14, 2009
Event>> Eid Suits Distribution Activity @ Jeewan Infaq School
The mood for Eid celebrations starts at least a week before. This is the period when people engage in over-spending and shopping of clothes and other essentials.

Similarly like last year, Eid Clothes were distributed among all the children at “Jeewan INFAQ”School. Unstitched clothes of various measurements and colors were given to all the boys and girls on 23rd Ramadan. The purpose was to include those kids in our celebrations and to make them celebrate the Eid like all other children do.

The INFAQ team has always been encouraging them by such little activities that not only make them feel a part of society but even make them realize of a good life that they deserve to have.

August 22, 2009
Event>> Celebrating Start of Ramazan @ Jeewan Infaq School
The Holy month of Ramadan brings along lots of blessing and good things. To share the same Ramadan Rashan Distribution activity was conducted a day before at Jewan INFAQ school.Currently there are 100+ students studying who belongs to 60 families. Ramadan Rashan Gift Hampers were arranged and distributed among those 60 families. The hamper included several basic food necessities like Flour, Sugar, Oil and etc.

The purpose behind was to just make a little difference among their lives, to bring a smile on their faces and helping those families on basic food stuff during the month of Ramadan.

Moreover it was a token of appreciation to all those parents who have been sending their kids to INFAQ since a year and have been encouraging and appreciating their children to get education , which would enrich their life and groom them to a responsible human being.

August 14, 2009
Event>> Pakistan Independence Day Celebrations at Jeewan INFAQ School
The day is idolized every year by bowing before Allah Almighty, and celebrating the blessing we live each moment.This year the same feeling was very much felt and displayed by the children of Jeewan INFAQ School. Independence Day was celebrated at school for the first time and just in two days time children practised and prepared well and presented their patriotism to their fullest.

It was delightful experience to watch those kids nicely dressed and groomed for the day. It started of with Prayers and national anthem and continued with several cultural dances and skits in which both girls and boys participated wholeheartedly.

This was followed by the prize distribution ceremony of the first academic year where position holders were awarded and teachers were recognized for their efforts.

Besides INFAQ team members it was attended by several other donors who highly appreciated and like the entire event that was full of colours & energy.

It was the very first occasion at INFAQ where children participated and expressed their talents and joy at their best .This not only generated the feeling of patriotism but also team spirit .We look forward to such celebration each year with more passion & enthusiasm.

June 15, 2009
News>> Extending Hands to Friend of NICH
While “education for the less privileged” remains the core focus for INFAQ foundation, we extend our hands to friends of NICH’ by supporting the children health as well. National Institute of Child Health (NICH) is one of the government run hospital in Karachi that is providing the medical facilities to masses at no cost.

As the organization is a serving for free, the hospital welcomes the support they get from outside. Recently they were facing the shortage of medicines in their General, Emergency & ICU units. When approached, INFAQ used its contacts to help & fulfilled their requirements. Following medicines were donated to NICH from INFAQ Platform.

Vinyl Gloves 1000
I/V Cannulas (Nepro) 22, 24G 100
Syringes 5cc 300
Syringes 3cc 300

May 28, 2009
News>> Independence Day Celebration at INFAQ- 14th August
To instill the spirit of patriotism among children this year we plan to celebrate the Independence Day at Jeewan INFAQ School making it as much colorful and as possible.

This would be the very first event taking place in school after its establishment. This celebration will not only be fun but also a learning activity for children, as they would get a fairly good idea of what independence is and why do we celebrate it.

May 21, 2009
News>> 'Monthly Donation' by INFAQ team themselves!
Commitment & Contribution begins at home; nothing defines INFAQ team’s new initiative better then this. In May 09, INFAQ team members proposed the idea and agreed to contribute to INFAQ in form of monthly donation. It was collectively agreed among the members that each of them would be contributing their 1% of take home salary to INFAQ. It was a very open and genuine attempt that everyone agrees to be part of & has been in progress for last two months .There are 16 people in the team who are making contribution to INFAQ each month!!

With a desire to make greater difference in the world, INFAQ was founded & to make it possible INFAQ‘s team has always been and will always be the greatest support kit.

May 18, 2009
News>> Jeewan INFAQ School Online Map
INFAQ can now be easily located on Google Map, Visitors surfing website can view the exact location where Jeewan INFAQ School positions, making it easier for them to spot it.

This itself gives the strong authentication of INFAQ’s existence & builds up confidence for those who are the most valuable part of INFAQ-our donors!

May 05, 2009
News>> INFAQ Collaborates with New Century Education
Keeping in mind the competencies around, quality education is something that can never be compromised. Moving ahead with this theme, INFAQ approached NCE - New Century Education - to make use of their expertise in enhancing the quality of education at Jeewan Infaq School.

NCE is a research based organization operating in Pakistan for last 10 years in the field of education. NCE conducted a base line assessment for both teachers & children. Output of this assessment has been remarkable with clear action points drawn of quality roadmap for Jeewan Infaq School. One key output of the assessment is the suggestive “Accelerated Primary Education Program” for one year targeting the children who’re in the age bracket of 8 to 14 years.

These are the children who’ve missed out their early learning & are now supposed to be in higher grades. This will be more like a comprehensive crash program, well designed to bring these children to the level of grade V within a year, thereby bridging those year gaps & build the foundation for upcoming classes. Proposal is being worked out for teachers’ training as well.

April 06, 2009
News>> Completion of First Academic Year - Annual Exams at Jeewan INFAQ School
As the academic year ended INFAQ School had its first Annual exam on 30th March & 1st of April. Children were assessed in 4 subjects that were English, Mathematics, Sindhi & Islamiat the assessment was both in written & oral forms.

To ensure the fair processing of examination & bit of self evaluations INFAQ team members paid a visit to school while exam was being conducted .The members had a brief discussion with teachers to have their views about children’s performance & exchanged ideas for improvements.

Result was announced on 3rd & the new session began on 6th of April with 35 students promoted to new classes while rest continuing the same. This new academic year added a new session “Class 3” in school with 5 students who were promoted from class 2. Moreover there are 10 new students who have joined INFAQ for the first time for ECE session & are attending regularly.

The whole academic year turned out to be a big success in terms of compelling children to come to school regularly & study to prepare themselves for final exams & not even children but also in terms of creating awareness among the villagers about importance of educations so they continue to send their children to INFAQ year after year!

March 02, 2009
News>> Unilever extends its employee volunteer programme "InLuv" activities to INFAQ
Unilever Pakistan is one of the many organizations supporting INFAQ for life foundation as part of it’s CSR employee involvement initiative. Over the years Unilever employees have been contributing monetarily and volunteering time to various NGOs’ and this year they have agreed to extend their Safety, Health & Hygiene InLuv programme to INFAQ students as part of their Corporate responsibility.

As part of the Health initiatives, Unilever donated Blue Band (BB) to all students at Jeewan Infaq School & the INFAQ’s team distributed BB among the children. This simple activity was a mean to generate “health Importance” awareness among children & to make them understand that a healthy mind & healthy body is very important. Moreover In view of their exposure & scarcity of resources in the surroundings this short & simple activity was more of a treat to them.

January 22, 2009
News>> Bank Account - A Milestone Achieved
Finally INFAQ for Life Foundation has a bank account. The details of the account are as follows:

Title: INFAQ for Life Foundation
Account#: 0058886001
Dubai Islamic Bank
Avari Towers Branch
Karachi, Pakistan

Swift Code: DUIBPKKA

August 18, 2008
News>> Jeewan INFAQ School
The foundation was laid back in Jan 2008 and it turned into a reality in August 2008.

Named as Jeewan INFAQ School, this is a door that extends to help 100+ children's from Gadap Town locality to get educated & to move ahead in life with confidence.

August 06, 2007
News>> "INFAQ for life foundation" Registered
We are glad to share this good news with you all. After a successful inauguration here comes another big accomplishment INFAQ’s Registration!

Jeewan INFAQ is a Registered School now, We view this as INFAQ finding its way among other prominent schools. Congratulation to all of you & thanks for your inputs in making things possible.